Welcome to CarolineDouglas.com ... Where Creating Art Changes Lives

My name is Caroline Douglas. In 2000, I experienced a severe brain injury that ended up creating a whole new life for me, because it introduced me to the power of creativity in a whole new way. Click here read the whole story.


Not only did art save my life, it now is my life. Fifteen years later, I am a full-time professional artist, teacher, and ARTbundance™ coach.  Through art, I felt my life return and my spirit was renewed. I am so passionate about this transformation in myself that it is my deep desire to share the healing power of art with others.



I have a message: We can create a meaningful life through art, intuition and joy.

We are all traumatized or "brain damaged" in some way along the path of life. Maybe you have had a Traumatic Brain Injury like me or maybe years in the corporate world have left you discouraged and feeling that your life is not very enjoyable. Maybe you left a career in art for better pay years ago or you are just wanting to reconnect with yourself in a whole new joyful way. Or maybe you just keep hearing your inner voice criticizing yourself and comparing yourself to others and not feeling good enough to play with art. In any case, I invite you to join me in the journey to right brain dominance, (which is your intuitive and creative self), where you can freely explore creativity as a way of healing, and a way of life.

Through my injury, I was opened to the full power of the right brain. I now live, work and operate from this intuitive place and have found immense amounts of joy and freedom in doing so. This site exists to invite more people to explore right-brain dominance, and feel this same freedom in opening to more joy and less worry.

Creating art changes lives. Let's have fun & create!