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Creativity Heals

Online Course

With Caroline Douglas


Hi Friend!

Are you wanting to add more uplifting, fun, and inspired creativity to your life?

Are you wanting to connect with others on their creativity journeys?

Are you ready to set your inner artist free?

4 Week Online Zoom Creativity Course 
November 20 & 27, Dec 11 & 18th
4:30pm MST



For those of you that don't know my story, I experienced a severe head injury back in the year 2000.  My head was smashed in a cherry picker, my nose shattered and I experienced severe head trauma. I had to relearn to walk without fainting, and rebuild my life.  Over many years, the healing power of creativity and having my hands in clay healed my brain and brought me back to life. 

Today I teach creativity retreats all around the world, from Morocco to Mexico, and Latvia to Hawaii. Not only did I rebuild my brain and my abilities to walk and function returned, but I've been able to live out my dreams of traveling and teaching and helping others discover the healing powers of creativity.

I would love to share what I've learned with you!

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Here is what students have said about their experiences...

"Caroline is the most inspirational art teacher I have ever met.

I followed her instruction of making a head a day for a year and after two weeks my mental perception of how to do it faded and my hands took over.

This was an incredible breakthrough for me.

Now making art is my meditation."

Brenda Beeley

Tucson, Arizona

“Caroline’s art workshop brings an innovative approach to boosting creativity through the use of clay.  She possesses such an intelligent, gentle, positive and open energy, that you can’t help but feel safe in taking risks in her workshop.  I can say, definitively, that her workshop was the turning point in my own work with clay and gave me access to new depths of expression.  Also, it was tremendous fun!”

Elaine Walsh


Caroline taught me how to have fun with sculpture and clay!
To open myself to possibilities and to think out of the box.
The two days flew by with much laughter and making wonderful connections with the other potters!
It was the best workshop I've experienced so far!!!

Sue Rasmussen

Boulder, CO

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More of what students are saying...
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What's included in the class...

We will gather each week live on Zoom.

Each class will be divided into three parts centered around that week's theme. We will start with creative  writing prompts followed by collage making followed by playing with clay. 

Supplies Needed: 

- sketchbook 

- writing utensils

- magazine, markers, glue sticks

- clay and your favorite tools

While the sessions will be recorded and accessible through a learning portal afterwards, I invite you to show up live because it is interactive and community-based.

Some clay experience necessary. Limited capacity.

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You will also receive my Creativity Heals workbook as a bonus!

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4 Week Online Zoom Creativity Course 
November 20th - December 18th

I can't wait to create with you!

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